Now we’re a twin pack.
Your sanitary paper manufacturers from Switzerland. For Switzerland.

The new website for sanitary paper manufacturers Cartaseta and Tela is under construction.

We have teamed up to offer you an even more comprehensive product range from now on. This requires some preparatory work in a lot of areas, even on this site. We will gladly let you know when the website is up and running. 
We look forward to seeing you here again very soon!

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    Doubly well positioned

    With the sanitary papers from Oeco Swiss firmly rooted in Switzerland and the now completely reorganised traditional Swiss brand Tela, not only will we be supplying the trade with customised sanitary paper solutions, but also with future-oriented product designs as we strive to best unite comfort and ecology.

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    The popular sanitary and household paper from Switzerland, for Switzerland.

    Tela Casa Packshot

    A classic with a new look: Tela sanitary paper from Niederbipp.

    Responsibility for people and the environment

    Our understanding of just how important it is that we interact responsibly with others and bear our immense responsibility to safeguard nature’s resources, is as big a part of our future corporate culture as it has been to date. That is why our certified plants are subject to the highest safety standards and run sustainable and environmentally friendly operations.

    Blauer Engel Siegel

    Into the future together

    Like Cartaseta, Tela is a family-run company Both plants are partners of a sanitary paper mill alliance between Germany, Poland and Switzerland that spans over 40 years. The network created by these 4 state-of-the-art locations provides all the partners with potential for growth and flexibility in terms of regional and international projects. Thanks to its jointly nurtured culture regarding quality, performance, service and, increasingly, ecological requirements, this collaboration represents trust and reliability in the trade. Whatever, whenever, wherever: On the basis of this strong alliance, the “twin pack of Swiss paper manufacturers” can react quickly and flexibly in Switzerland and throughout Europe.

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    Do you have any questions?

    We will of course be here to assist you. We are happy to answer any trade or retail questions you might have about our wide range of products. You can of course contact us directly as well if you’d like a quote for product solutions tailored to your needs.

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